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Why Might You Need Our Comprehensive Exam Help?

prelimsA comprehensive examination is just what it sounds like. It is a test that covers a broad range of material which assesses undergraduate student’s knowledge and capacities to earn their graduate degrees. The exact content varies by graduate disciplines and courses of study programs and both Master’s and doctoral comps exams have similarities but differ in detail, depth and expectations. Depending on the graduate program and degree, comps could test course knowledge, knowledge of your proposed research area and general knowledge in the field which is especially true of doctoral students. Those who are studying to earn their PhD must be prepared to discuss their fields at a professional level, citing material from coursework but also classic and current references. So you may need comprehensive exam writing help to pass all tests.

What Are the Differences Between Master’s and PhD Comps?

disciplines and courses of studyNot all master’s programs offer or require that students complete comprehensive exams although others will require a passing score on a comprehensive exam for entry to the thesis stage. Some programs use comprehensive exams in place of a thesis while many programs give students a choice of completing either a comprehensive exam or a thesis. In most cases though, master’s students will be given guidance on what to study with the comprehensive final exam generally given to an entire class at once. However, nearly all PhD programs require the completion of doctoral comps and these are used as the gateway for the dissertation. Students who fail their comprehensive final exam are given only one retry to pass. A second failure will result in expulsion from the institution.

Doctoral students often receive a lot less guidance on how to prepare for comps compared with master’s students. They will generally only be given a reading list, some questions from previous exams and a few instructions to be familiar with certain articles published over recent years in the prominent journals of their field. After passing the comprehensive exam for PhD, a student can use the title doctoral candidate which is used to describe those who have entered the dissertation phase and the final hurdle to getting their PhD.

How Can I Prepare for My Comprehensive Exam for PhD or Master’s?

final examComprehensive examinations can be in either a written format, oral format or a mixture of the two and usually administered in one or more long test periods. For example, in one program written doctoral comprehensive exams are given in two blocks that are each eight hours long on consecutive days. Another program administers a written comp exam to master’s students in one period that lasts five hours. Oral exams are more common in doctoral comps, but there are no real hard and fast rules, each institution will be different from the next.

It often takes most students around 6-10 months to properly prepare for their comps so plan accordingly. Look at previous exam questions in each field and if possible, try to recognize which ones were written by your committee members to get a feel for their style. Take the field seminar for the comp begins extensive preparations on the reading list that has been prepared by the committee. Look at past exam answers to see the level of work you need to achieve a passing grade or even talk to other graduate students who have worked with your committee members to see what their experience was.

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